Quartz or Automatic (Mechanical) - The Watch Company
Perhaps you've heard terms like automatic watch and quartz watch, but aren't sure what they mean. What is the difference? And which one is better? Well, there .

Why are automatic watches more expensive than a quartz if they're ...
Do you think it's worth it? Does the automatic have any advantages over a . Are quartz watches always more accurate than mechanical ones? Typically they are .

What is the difference between quartz and automatic movements in ...
Automatic watches are self-winding ie. they need no battery and are wound by the . A quartz watch is powered by a battery - it keeps time by pulsing electrical . that you are paying attention and have an interest, whereas seeing is more .

Quartz vs Mechanical - military-watches.net
Although it is estimated that over 80% of watches sold these days are quartz I always point out that a hand-wound or automatic watch has vastly more character .

Automatic vs. quartz
Jul 9, 2002 . Are automatic watches problematic, or are they more accurate than quartz? BTW: I assume manual winding watches are another thing .

Mechanical Vs. Quartz - Watches
In a self-winding or automatic watch, the movement is activated by a rotor, which turns . A quartz watch is cheaper and more accurate than a mechanical watch.

Quartz watches
What is a quartz movement, anyway, and how come quartz watches are so popular? . quartz crystals rather than natural ones because they have more consistent . Many mechanical watches that have automatic, or self-winding" movements, .

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Watch Snob: Are Watches Just Status Symbols? - AskMen
As an owner of only quartz movement watches and of automatic movements under . If you really have nothing better to spend your money on than a garish .

Difference between Manual Wind, Automatic and Quartz Watch ...
At the present time, the vast majority of high grade mechanical watches are equipped with automatic movements. The hand wound mechanical .

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Mechanical Watch FAQ - TimeZone
It differs from the typical quartz watch in that it uses purely mechanical . As noted in section 2.1, collectors who have more than one automatic watch may have .

Automatic or Quartz?
But often that knowledge may not be conveyed to the customer in the best possible . Particularly regarding the basics of quartz or automatic watches, customers .

Watches: What is Quartz, Automatic, Mechanical, Hand Wind ...
Jun 25, 2010 . But there are far more automatic watches. . quartz is a battery-powered watch in which you dont have to wind it and whose second hand is .

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Should you buy an automatic or quartz watch?
Dec 10, 2010 . Quartz V. Automatic. A quartz watch is more accurate, generally less expensive and only requires an occasional battery change every couple of .

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Automatic quartz - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Kinetic technology has also been used in some of Seiko's Pulsar and Lorus watches. As of 2007, Seiko has sold more than eight million automatic quartz .

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Thread: Quartz vs Automatic - Watchuseek, World's Most Visited ...
New to the watch world and this question has been nagging at me after looking watch after watch. Is an automatic watch really that much better than a quartz if it .

8 Things You Need To Know About Watches - AskMen
But for the rest of us, a watch has a more prominent meaning (and for the . given to automatic and mechanical movement watches, not those that run with quartz .

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Watch Maintenance and Watch Care Guide, Mechanical Watch ...
The quartz watches are more accurate and can measure and keep the time with unprecedented accuracy as compared to mechanical or automatic watches.

Tissot Watches, Tissot Chronograph Watch, Tissot Quartz Watch ...
Find great deals on Tissot automatic Watches and tissot chronograph . The good thing in Quartz Tissot is that they are good looking, and easy to maintain.

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Buyer's Guide to Fine Wristwatches - Chronocentric
People with quartz watches are no more reliably on time than .

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Amazon.com: Watch Education
There are many ways to look at what's attractive about both types of watches, but one way to look at it is the quartz watch as more practical and the automatic .

automatic quartz watch - Cartier
automatic quartz watch: The most famous luxury watchmaker in Paris, Cartier creates stunning . Learn more about automatic quartz watch (UNITED STATES) .

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What's better for watch movement, automatic or quartz?
Quartz is more accurate bit the automatic winding mechanism is great and that is what I would go for. Oris watches, I think have one of the best automatic .

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Watches: Quartz Vs. Automatic | eHow.com
Watches: Quartz Vs. Automatic thumbnail Quartz watches are more accurate than automatics but automatics don't need a battery. Quartz and automatic watches .

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The Automatic Movement; The Quartz Movement; The Hybrid Movement . achieved using a quartz movement, although very fine quartz watches will keep better .

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Accuracy of Fine Wristwatches - Chronocentric
Are quartz watches always more accurate than mechanical ones? . article: Why would I want a mechanical/automatic watch when quartz is more accurate?

Watch Questions & Watch Education : FAQs - Mr. Watch
What's the difference between quartz and mechanical/automatic movements? When I reset . What is the best way to care for an automatic watch? What should I .

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Watch Movements, Automatic Watch, Quartz Watch
In some cases, some manual wind watches are more efficient then other . Automatic watches are watches that wind themselves by the motion of the wearer .

eBay.co.uk Guides - Difference of Automatic Quartz Watches
Guide viewed: 2629 times Tags: automatic watches | automatic or quartz . The good news is that the actual variations of a mechanical watch will often cancel .

Why mechanical is an automatic choice for some watchheads ...
Sep 27, 2009 . Some reasons on why one should go for a mechanical/automatic watch when quartz watches are more accurate. And, why mechanical .

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Swatch Automatic Chronograph - AskMen
Swatch, typically known for low-cost quartz watches, impedes on its sister brands by releasing a new line of automatic mechanical movement-based .

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How to Choose a Wristwatch | eHow.com
Automatic watches are generally precise, and are powered by the movement of your body rather than a battery. They are also more expensive than quartz .

Difference Between Swiss & Japanese Quartz | eHow.com
Quartz watches run on a thin slice of man-made quartz that vibrates in response to... . because Swiss movements are regarded as being of a better quality.

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Caring for Your Wind-Up Mechanical Watch
Unlike quartz watches, mechanical watches require a little more care which over . automatic watches do not require the owner to wind them as the watch winds .

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